Thursday, 27 April 2017

Bhimbandh Wildlife Sanctuary

✎Bhimbandh Wildlife Sanctuary is another important place to visit when you are in Bihar. Situated at a distance of 56 km from Munger, 20 km from Jamui Railway Station and 200 km from Patna Airport, these forests cover an area of nearly 700 km on the rising and falling tract of Kharagpur Hills.

✎Bordered by the River Ganga, amazingly, this forest area is surrounded by densely populated towns and villages. A host of animals such as Tiger, Leopards, Sloth Bear, Nilgai, Sambhar, Barking deer, Wild Bear, or a four horned Antelope can be seen by a lucky tourist in this wildlife sanctuary.

✎Another attraction of the place is the hot springs, which surprisingly maintain a constant temperature (52° C to 65° C) all year around.

✎Places to look around nearby the sanctuary are Rishikund, HaHa Punch Kumari, Rameshwar Kund, Kharagpur Lake and Sringrishi. Staying there is not a big deal as there are tourist lodges and forest rest houses that offer accommodation facilities to tourists in the middle of the forest.

✎According to Mahabharat, Bhima, one of the pandavas, constructed a dam (bandh) here and therefore it is called Bhimbandh.

Fauna & Flora

✎The main animals found at Bhimbandh Wildlife Sanctuary are tigers, panthers, wild boars, sloth bear, sambar deer, chitals, four-horned antelope and nilgais. However, the sanctuary is more famous for its bird life rather than the land animals. It is home to more than 100 species of resident birds, which stay here all year around. The number increases in the migratory season i.e. during the winters, when there is an influx of birds from the Central Asia region.

✎There are two major biomes present in Bhimbandh, grassland and forest

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