Monday, 1 May 2017

Telhar Waterfall

✎Telhar is the name of a waterfall located near B T Road in the Kaimur district of Bihar, India.
✎The word ‘Bihar’ has been derived from the Sanskrit and Pali language ‘vihara’ meaning ‘abode’. The state had ‘abodes’ of the Buddhists in nearly all parts of the state. The waterfalls in Bihar have some significance attached to the religion for both the Hindus and Buddhists
✎Most of the waterfalls in Bihar are found in or near wild life sanctuaries. Visitors to these waterfalls relish these advantages on their weekends and picnics. The sound of cool water gushing down from rugged territories up ahead relieves all tensions and tiredness after the visit to the waterfalls. The bright and transparent pool at the bottom of the cascade invites and rejuvenates the visitor..

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