Friday, 4 August 2017

Vulture Peak - Buddha’s favorite retreat in Rajagaha

✎The Vulture Peak or Griddhakuta Peak was the Buddha’s favorite retreat in Rajagaha and the scene for many of his discourses. It is located in Rajgir, Bihar, India.

✎It is called a Vulture Peak due to its shape and frequent visit of vultures. The place hold an important position in history as it is reckoned to be the spot where Lord Buddha preached the Lotus Sutra in order to convert Mauryan King Bimbisara. It is also believed that Buddha started the second wheel of law and delivered several sermons here.

✎The peak has a Peace Pagoda said to have been built by Buddhist of Japan. There are couples of caves here as well that further enhances the thrill of reaching here by a chairlift.

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