Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Dal Puri- A very popular Bihari recipe

  • Dal Puri is a very popular & traditional Bihari recipe.
  • In rituals No salt is added to the dish during festivals and is served with kheer after offering dal puri and kheer to Gods
  • To make these Dal puris, one can also add moong dal instead of channa dal which is used in this recipe
  • This amazing dish is deep fried heaven made from a spicy Bengal gram filling in wheat flour.
  • Almost all Bihari foods are made with nutritious ingredients and the Dal Puri is a meal in itself and delicious at that.
  • The Dal poori is served even in normal days in a Bihari family with any Indian curry'sabji' of your choice or curd or with kheer like Bihar’s festive serve. .

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